Discovering Tappenkarsee

Discovering Tappenkarsee

To be honest, the booking of this trip was totally spontaneous. With the idea of escaping from city life into the middle of nowhere, we end up in an apartment house somewhere in the Salzburg Alps. (We only later found out that the name of village was Grossarl). We asked our host to recommend us some hiking trails with a lake in the surrounding area. He recommended us couple of locations, one being Tappenkarsee.


How to get here?

Here is the “secret” on how to get to this scenic wonderland. First  you need drive to Kleinarl and from there further down to the lake Jägersee(1099m). From here starts a four kilometer hiking trail to the base of the mountain from where the climbing to the lake will start. The road leads you higher to the mountains toward to Tappeenkarsee alm and the lake, which is situated at the altitude of 1760m.

Jägersee itself is a nice place and already from here you could start to admire the Alps paysages. We ourself didn’t spend here a lot of time because we were too excited with the idea of hiking up. We believe that the higher you get the more scenic it is.

You have the option of parking for free next to Jägersee and start your approximately two hour journey to the base of the mountain. It’s also possible to drive to the base of the mountain skipping the four kilometer walk for the price of four euros. On this road though, be aware of tractors, specially if you have an rented car and you’ve decided to skip on the insurance since you believe in your driving skills. The road in many part are very narrow and has only a few places where to give space to opposite traffic.

Everything on the way up was amazing, from the alpine plants and flowers to the mountainside waterfalls and the ever opening scenery as you got up. The sound of running gorge was a sing that we were nearing the lake above and once we reached it, we were greeted with an amazing lake scenery. The sight of blue sky and blue lake framed in the Alpine mountains was well worth the hour long climb up

What waits on top?

On the other side of the lake there’s an Cafe, where you can refuel yourself after the hike up. As we usually prepare food with us we only had a coffee there. We couldn’t say much about food that they served but based on what people were having it looked rather good.

Our lunch we decided to have on the lake shore with the Alm residences. We were also visited by an very talented and hungry feathered friend, who decide to join us on our meal. She ended up doing tricks and eating pretty much all the bread we had taken with us. 

After the lunch with our new friend, we decided to keep going further up on the Alpine valley. There are many passes leading out to different peaks, most of which had too dark colour marks for our current skills and equipment. So we decided to go with a path passing Tappenkarsee Hutte located next to the lake. It was the easiest looking path continuing not so steeply deeper into the valley. Before we reached the 2000m mark we sadly realised that we were running out of time and should start our journey back down. As we took our last photos from the location we promised that we’d get back there and reach the peak that looked down on us from above.

Useful tips for the road

  • Track difficulty medium
  • Walking sticks are highly recommended, specially while walking back down;
  • Good walking shoes are essential,the more support for ankle the better
  • Take couple bottles of water. It’s also possible to refill them in cafe area as there is a well from mountain springs.
  • it’s always a good idea to have some energy bars or chocolate with you
  • sun protection cream, sun is very active higher up and will burn you within an hour on a sunny day
  • Has a big and comfortable Hutte for spending night
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