Discovering Austria

Discovering Austria

Have you ever thought about Austria as a travel destination? We discovered it only last winter and since then our love for it has grown strongly with every visit. If you’re as crazily exited with picturesque Alpine landscapes this country is definitely a must visit for you.

We’ve also been in Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck during our Austria visits and they are undeniably very beautiful cities. But if you truly want to fall in love with the country, I’d recommend to go to a small alpine village and  take a deep breath of the fresh alpine mountain air (sometimes it could smell like the residences of “Alm”, but it’s just part of the deal)  and try to feel the local atmosphere.

Where to stay?

There are lot of nice and luxurious hotels. But we’d recommend to book a apartment house, it will give you the possibility to  get to know some local people. We’ve stayed in three different houses and all hosts have been very kind, friendly and ready to help us with tips and advices of the surrounding area. Plus they’re often much cheaper than hotels, which is also important, specially if you’re planning a long trip.

Popular travel sights are surely worthwhile, but give a chance to some not-so widely advertised hiking paths, these are some that  locals would recommend to you. This how we found out about the Tappenkarsee. We’re not greedy people so we wanna to share our beautiful experience with you.



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