Grüß gott, Glingspitze!

Grüß gott, Glingspitze!

We’re keeping our promises, and about a month after we got home from our second Austria visit we started to plan the next “Nemventure”. This time our visit here was part of a longer road trip through total of 4 countries. During the three weeks we drove roughly 3500 kilometers and walked over 250 kilometers.  One of the highlights of this trip was re-visiting the beautiful Tappenkarsee and getting up to Glingspitze.

On the fifth day of our journey we arrived at the base of Tappenkarsee. This time we were better equipped than on our first visit, perhaps too well. Due to the weather conditions it was very quiet on the path up. Even the toll for last four kilometers of the road was closed so we got to the close parking for free.

Our primary plan was to reach a small hut called “Alberts biwak”. We even got ourself a hike plan from an outdoor website, but how naive we were to believe we could make it…The plan included about 16 km of walking from the lake itself and for some reason we left the actual hiking part to the Tappenkarsee out of it, perhaps hoping to find a stargate that there would take us there.

The day before we got Tappenkarsee we saw in forecast that there was a high chance of rain the next day but we anyway decided to go for it. Upon the arrival the signs of rain were more clear but as the saying goes, “We’re not made from sugar”. The rain started soon after we got up to the lake and after that we already understood that our plan A had some holes in it.

The going was slow and getting increasingly uncomfortable due to our over equipped gears. We even had a tent with us just for reasons…which started to weigh more and more. After some discussion we came up with a plan C and set course to the Hutte that we saw on our first time here. We received our beds, left some of our possession and decide to test waterproofness of our clothes little more. They  with dignity passed the test.


The hut itself is nice, warm, after rather wet walk you could even call it cozy.  As a note, we have never before spent night in hut or hostel, so it was a new experience for us (especially for Olga, as she was only one female in 7 people room, which was full).


Right  here could give you some tips and mention things, which we recommend to take with, if you plan stay overnight in mountains and sleep in Hut:


  • take your own sleeping bag and maybe pillowcase
  • small towel and some soap
  • earplugs and blindfold (in case you’re sensitive to sounds etc. 🙂 )
  • In the Hutte is also a cafe where you can have breakfast and dinner
  • in summer time it’s better to make your reservation in advance.



Our sleep was so-so as we hadn’t prepared according to our own advice. Regardless, it didn’t really matter as we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise in the morning. This as a scenery for your morning coffee is just the kick you need to start your way up. We picked up on a trail which should lead us to our new target Glingspitze. The path wasn’t very hard even though the official road wasn’t always easy to follow, as the paint on rocks fade away during time.





We reached  the top of Glingspitze which is at the altitude of 2344 m. It’s hard to find words to describe the feelings once we got up. It was the first cross that we’ve reached and because of this it will always have a special memory to it.


On the top we also saw our plan B location

What we learned


  • It takes at least twice as long time to hike up as to walk on an even ground, going down takes almost as long
  • Have a break and look around you
  • And the main thing is to ENJOY, even if something would not go according plans or expectations. Every experience makes you richer. Everything has its positive side. For example it wasn’t raining, we wouldn’t have known what an amazing view was waiting for us at Glingspitze.



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