Walk in Helsinki

Walk in Helsinki

Quite often you end up underrating the city where you’re living in, this have happened to us with Helsinki. When you live in some location, place seems so familiar that you just don’t notice its beauty. We decide that we’ll need to start walking in our city’s streets more and keep our eyes open a little bit more than normally 🙂

This Saturday weather was promising on most parts of the day. As it has been a while since we last time went to walk inside the city, we decided to head through the center to the area called Eira.

Helsinki side street viewWe found lot of nice, old stylish buildings here and many of which had small details and interesting design. Later we learned that this architectural style is called Jugend.

From here we continued our walk to Kaivopuisto.

We discovered a few interesting monuments in our way.

It is nice that capital of our country is a mix of urban and nature, Helsinki is very green and has a lot of parks.

We also got a chance to say “Hello” to one of the areas furry habitant.

Helsinki habitant

In the end we took a shot of the main attraction and started to go back to our neighborhood.



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  1. I completely understand where you’re coming from – you could be in the most beautiful place in the world and still look out the window and think, “meh.” I love your pictures!

    1. Thank you. Luckily there is always something new and beautiful to discover even in the city where one lives in, it just takes a little effort and will to find it

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