Our visit to Lucerne, Switzerland

Our visit to Lucerne, Switzerland

Here we are, finally in the “snowy” Switzerland after long waiting. Our plane arrived to Zurich airport and we straight headed to the railway station located at the airport. Train system in Switzerland is advanced so it has a wide cover of area and trains go quite often. Our ride to Luzern took about one hour and from there we continued to our apartment by foot, even tho we were greeted with small rain on the way, we love challenges:). And it only took us about 25 minutes so we didn’t have time to get so wet.

Mr. Snowman at the airport
Mr. Snowman greeted us at the airport

The apartment

Couple words about the apartment and surroundings. Apartment was in a modern multi-storey building, which was located next to a stadium and exhibition hall and It has a shop located right next to. Straight from the yard you can see Mt.Pilatus – as long as its not foggy as it was on our first day. In case  you’re fitness person, there is a swimming pool and gym right next to apartment. For somebody who wants to be a little lazier on holiday, there is very nice connections to city centre by bus and train. And by the way, it won’t cost you any, because from your host you will receive “Mobility ticket” which gives you a right to use Lucerne public transport within 10 zone for free during your stay. But of course,  if you enjoy walking it’s only about 2 km to the center.

Day one in Lucerne

After arriving to the apartment we visited shop, had quick lunch and went for adventures. Weather definitely wasn’t on our side that day as the small rain had turned into heavy wet snowing. Still we decided to go for a small walk in the city and enjoy its Christmas decorations. Evening Lucerne looks really beautiful with all these lights.

Lucerne city lights
Riverside view of Lucerne
Riverside lghts
More riverside views
Fully lighted boat
A boat full on Christmas lights docked by the river


Christmas calendar
Beautiful Christmas calendar made into buildings windows
Religious decorations
Religious decorations

After we got completely wet, we started to think that it might be good idea to get inside somewhere warm and have something to eat. As everyone knows, Switzerland is not very cheap country so restaurants are quite pricey here. We managed to find an reasonable priced Trattoria next to the river where we could warm up and eat. After that we decided to go back to the apartment as continuing to walk around while wet did not seem like a good idea.

Day two in Lucerne

Church and Pilatus
An church on the way to city centre, behind showing Pilatus

Our original plan was to go up to Mt. Pilatus, but as the weather was very cloudy we decided to check online webcams. The view on the cameras was pretty much what you’d expect to see inside a cloud so we realised that we’d be just wasting our time and money by going there. We do love mountains, but for us a big part of them is the hike up, not just getting up there. So, we decided that paying 55 euro per person for cable car ride into an cloud won’t give us much pleasure so we skipped that plan. On an good day the view from Mt. Pilatus might be actually be worth it as there aren’t so many other mountains around it so there should be nice panoramic view. 

Instead of this, we took the advantage of the dry weather and went for a daylight walk inside the city of Lucerne. We mostly walked around the river and visited the most popular destinations and in the evening visited the Christmas markets. During the evening we were able to find couple different markets with high variation of Swiss cuisine and products. There even was an Suomi 100 stand that offered very familiar Finnish products, eg. Karhu beer and Karelian pie. The smell of gluhwein was really inviting but as we didn’t have any local currency with us we were not able to get any at this time. So far we really have enjoyed our time in Switzerland!



Chapel Bridge
Chapel bridge
Hofkirche St. Leodegar
Hofkirche St. Leodegar across the river
Business centre
Business centre
City view
Dying Lion
Monument of the Dying Lion, in honour of Swiss mercenaries
Nemventurer is back to Alps
Alps and Swans
Beautiful scenery with Alps

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