December, the most waited month of the year

December, the most waited month of the year

The December atmosphere

I like December. It’s quite interesting month in many ways and it’s probably also the busiest month. People are so excited about biggest holidays of The Year. I don’t actually understand why, but everybody are in big rush with all this shopping and preparation.  

But if look from different point of view, it is a beautiful period. In December winter hasn’t always had time to fully start and cover the landscape with its own decorations.  But in same time, all countries, all cities and even small villages start to shine with the Christmas lights. And all around start look different, brighter and charming. And this time is good for traveling. It’s also a good time to experience already familiar places in a new look, to discover something old again.

The second nice things is the Christmas markets. We love  to visit the, because these places charge you with a holiday spirit. Actually, for us it’s not the market stalls that sells different products, but all the lights, people that are in holiday mood and even the Mulled wine that is sold in pretty much every market.


Here are some photos from our December destinations that we’ve visited in the past

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