31st of December

31st of December

31st of December

The 31st of December feels like a special day. It’s the last day of current year and at 12 pm the year 2018 will step in our doors. For me this moment feels a little bit magical. Because i honestly truly believe that all bad and unpleasant things stays in past and new year bring just positive.

New Year is like new start, new beginning, new possibility to make our dreams into reality. And it really works. First rule is believe in your dreams and second, of course, you also need work for them.

At 31 of December I like to look a little bit back thru events, which happened to us during the year. It is nice time to enjoy your memories. And after this it is nice to turn on your imagination, dream a little bit and start to make plans for new year. My dreams can be very different from each other, starting from new countries and destination to visit, continuing with some self improvement on myself :).

2017 was a challenging, yet very interesting year for our family, that brought many new experiences for us. And for being patient we receive our main reward, the best present ever, which should come out in July.

We also visited many new places, most memorable of them was our first hike to an mountain peak, of which you can read more here. Inspired by our travels we also started writing this blog of our experiences.

And i believe that 2018 will be even better. And why not, it’s all in our own hands!

In this last hours of 2017 i would like to wish to everyone of you just all the best, that we happily make step to the future to 2018 year and meet our best dreams there.


From Nemventure with love.


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