Last day in Lucerne and onwards to Zurich

Last day in Lucerne and onwards to Zurich

After “couple” of weeks brake, we finally decide to go back in time and continue telling about our Lucerne and Zurich.

So…Day 3

After waking up the the view from window greeted us with a very snowy sight, which in itself isn’t bad but slightly didn’t go with our primary plan. And the same cloudy, snowy weather had been promised throughout the whole day. We checked Mt. Pilatus webcam and certainly decide that this trip we will not be going up there.

Good things was, as the weather got colder, the snow at least did not come in same wet snow as earlier. Since we couldn’t go up, we decided to go to as close to it as we could with the free mobility ticket that we received.

When we got out of train the pace of the snowing had slowed down a little and

and weather become more comfortable. We enjoy being outside in snowy weather, but don’t have this possibilities very often. (Yes, we are from Finland, but sadly the weather in helsinki is not what you’d expect).

We look around train station and realise, that walking from this point to the foot of Pilatus wouldn’t be very fast.  So, we decided to walk along the lake Lucerne and took our destination to small swiss village Stansstad.

On our way to Stansstad
In Stansstad
Lake Lucerne in Stansstad side of the lake
Different view on the same location

In the second half of day we didn’t have any specific plans and decided to discover little more Lucerne itself.  

We took our direction through old city to Hotel Chateauu Guetsh. And  here we found one more of mobility card’s advantages. The small wooden elevator, which takes you to the top to hotel is a part of Lucerne public transport. So with mobility card you get up free of charge and admire the panoramic view of the city.

Wall in Lucerne
Hotel Chateauu Guetsh
Panoramic view on Lucerne
Mr. Snowman looking at the views


After a long day outside we decided to  pamper ourself with some delicious dessert. After looking at few different places we chose a seductive looking cafe, called La Vie En Rose.This place we really could recommend!. We noticed it on our first day in Lucerne, but as from outside it looks more like a dessert place we skipped it that time.  But turns out their menu looks quite tasty for some main course as well. And with quite fair prices, which was quite unique to the city, its really worth it. 🙂


Day in Zurich

We arrived to Zurich early in the morning and even with the small rain that greeted us we decided to walk to our hotel, as the distance from railway was only about two kilometers. The hotel was a small one outside the city center but comfy enough for the one night stay. After dropping the luggage in the room we went for out first rounds around the city.

We started our tour with going towards the old town of Zurich.

Views in tZurich
Fountain in the city
Panoramic view of Zurich

On our first glance the city did have its own beauty, but it wasn’t really what we expected. It might be that we didn’t spend enough time there or we went there in wrong season to fully absorb the scenery… but for us, all the things we’ve heard of the city seemed little exaggerated. Nothing stood out from the mass, most of the things looked similar with the building next to it.

Evening Zurich
Flock of swans on our way to the Christmas Market
Entrance to Zurich Christmas market

There were some exceptions of course, specially in the evening when the light went on. Many of the churches for example looked interesting, there were cozy side streets to walk in and the Christmas market was beautiful. But still, compared to many other European city, it did not impress. Thus we do not really understand how this city is ranked so high on the “must visit” lists.

In our eyes Lucerne  was more charming and comfort. But it of course just way how we saw it.  Think that maybe we’ll try to visit it again in different season and perhaps Zurich will open differently for us.

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